Landscape Grading in Franklin County NC

Landscape Grading in Franklin County NC

Landscape Grading in Franklin County NC

Not every home on the block has an ideal environment, with the promise of easy to create outdoor recreational and entertainment areas, a great lawn and pristine garden. Many times is it necessary to undergo a certain amount of time and effort to ensure quality of life for your trees and garden. This will be necessary when you want to plan trees and build any type of construction.

The most common type of landscaping issue is the grading.

Ideally what grading means is to build a slope or a sloping area on your property. These slopes can provide proper drainage of water, can add beauty to your home and make it easier to take care of. Whatever you intend to build, plant or grow, grading is the most important thing to consider.

The best time to undergo a grading project is when you are doing construction on your home. It is easy to add a few extra inches between the entry level and ground level. These couple of inches will ensure easier development of a grade away from the house to improve the look of your environment and obtain a clean, dry basement or crawlspace that will not flood.

The first stop in lawn construction is rough grading. The amount of grading will depend on the condition of your ground, the desirable ground level and attention that an extreme slope will require. It is very important to stick as close as possible to the natural slopes in grading, this will cut your expenses considerably.

Farley’s Grading and Hauling uses a 2 step method for grading lawns before planting your grass: Rough Grading and Final Grading

Rough Grade: This is your first grading where the slope, soil composition, and drainage will be determined. There are also other factors to consider such as existing trees, pools, walkways, driveways, etc. that may effect how you want to grade your lawn. If you plan on moving more than a few inches of soil, we will need to identify and mark with flags all the buried lines in your yard for your phone, gas, cable, water, electricity, etc. before we begin.

Final Grade: Once we have created a slope, provided additional drainage (if needed), amended the soil — then it’s time to smooth-out the surface for planting. There may still be debris, rocks, large chunks or soil, and uneven places for us to remove and level out. We then make a final smooth surface.

Landscape Drainage Problems

We know that landscape grading is extremely important as it keeps drainage problems away. Proper drainage is essential to prevent unnecessary damage and cost. [Click here to learn more about grading to fix drainage problems]

Landscape Grading Plan

These outdoor recreation areas highlight the home and garage, create visual interest, and are easy to maintain. By controlling water runoff, this exterior decorating project protects buildings and other amenities.

We can help you develop a grading plan to accomplish your outdoor landscape goals. Click here to learn more.

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