The Top 5 Reasons to Use Self Storage

If you ever look in your kitchen drawers, the closets in spare bedrooms and the shelves in your closets, you know that we gather a bunch of personal things over time. We don’t want to throw them away, but we don’t want to use them. Instead, we shove them away into a closet or drawer. Eventually, all of this extra space fills up. Again, it’s not stuff that we want to display or use every day, but we also don’t want to get rid of it.

This is why renting even a small self storage unit takes a lot of the headaches out of managing your home. That way, you can keep the stuffed elk head that your husband had mounted after he shot it on that trip twenty years ago without having to mount it in your living room — or put him through the grief of putting it away. Take a look at five reasons to consider adding a self storage unit to your life.
1. Your living space is small — but won’t always be that way.
Sometimes people move from a fairly large house into a fairly small apartment. Maybe they have kids who have gone to college or just moved out and they no longer need all the rooms. Maybe they’ve gone through a divorce, and the apartment is a short-term strategy until they can get another house. In situations like this, people end up having to make hard choices about some possessions because the apartment doesn’t have as much storage space. A self storage unit is cost-effective and gives you the room to keep things, so that you don’t have to hurriedly throw things out because you don’t have a garage to keep them in anymore.

2. You have a home business — but your home can’t hold it.
Office space can be expensive to rent. If you have a home business that is growing to the point that the spare bedroom can’t hold all your inventory, but you’re not bringing in enough money to justify rent, even in an industrial park, a self storage unit gives you the space to manage your inventory more effectively. You’ll also get your spare bedroom back!

3. You have a successful office-based business — but you can’t afford to expand.
This is a similar issue to the second benefit. If your shop is doing well, and you’ve decided to increase capacity to handle orders without increasing the square footage that you’re leasing, then your business can get a self storage unit to hold the inventory that you don’t need right at hand each day.

4. Self-storage is more comfortable than you think.
OK, you probably wouldn’t want to move into a unit, but if you have items that are sensitive to humidity and temperature, many self storage facilities offer units with different levels of climatic control. If you want your items to stay at room temperature, then you’d rent a unit that offers you access to a thermostat — or at least a guarantee that the part of the building where your things are remains within a certain temperature range.

5. Self storage keeps your items secure.
Many self storage facilities are behind gates that only open in response to a particular code. Inside, you either have a key unique to your unit that the facility provides, or you are allowed to put a padlock on the unit. If you have to go up there at night to access your belongings, the facilities offer lighting, and some have security staff on-site as well.

One more advantage to consider is that, when you rent a self storage unit, you don’t have to sign a lengthy lease, as you might when leasing office space or industrial square footage. In many cases, the minimum period of commitment is just a month, giving you the flexibility to decide how long you need the space. 

If you have more belongings than you have space but don’t want to discard items unnecessarily, consider using a self storage unit to give yourself more time to sort through things. If you have a business that’s growing, don’t bury yourself under the expense of a business space lease when you can get the same benefit from a self storage unit. Check out storage units today.

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